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Interactive Forms
  1. Interactive Forms: Group or multiple group orders can use our Interactive Order Form and Interactive Measurement Forms to prepare your order on your own computer at your convenience. To begin, click on the active link above of each of the interactive forms you will need for placing your order. A dialog box will pop up and ask you where you would like to save this file. Once it is saved to your computer you can fill in the information allowing you to prepare your order over a period of time. When your order is complete just attach it to an email & send it to orders@tuxedowholesaler.com or FAX your order toll free 1-888-456-2233. Don't forget to include your method of payment to start the order process.
  2. Smaller and individual orders are best placed here on our website. To place an order thru our website locate the product you are interested in and click on the thumbnail photo for product ordering information.
  3. Measuring: For the best results measuring your group go to the links above and watch our fitting video or look at the “How to measure” PDF. Measure over close fitting clothing and be accurate to the one half.
  4. A Special Order Contract would be required for any changes to any existing Tuxedo Wholesaler style. This would also include special order fabrics. Open the PDF file above for exact details or call 800-828-2802 for more information.